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Time to take a minute and finally reflect on this whole semester. Through evaluating all of my posts and creating a blog that I am now proud of, it was time to take things one step further. While creating this video I had to reflect a lot about what this class meant to me and what I truly learned from this experience. Though, I tried to put every aspect of my learning experience into my video, I feel that this blog post will help explain further what I truly learned and the impression this class left on my advertising experience.

Even though the overall tone and pace of this video is slow and serious the background inspirational speech that is taking place is what truly inspired this video. While I was looking at different inspirational videos I took the time and found one that applied to the inspiration I found during this class. This class let me express a lot of ideas that were just very random, but created an outlet that was very much needed during my work week.  The phrase that stood out to me during the background speech was “go to work everyday and see yourself as an artist” I never really considered myself to be an artist until I started working with the creative cloud products. Those products allowed me to discover a  whole new side of creating projects that I always thought was way too hard to figure out, but through the help of you and this course, I was able to find a new hobby to expand.  However, creating things through these programs was the most challenging part of the whole class.  I never understood how much time it truly took to create a project on any of those applications.

My video started out with advertisements that have inspired me throughout this semester and also a tour through OU’s campus. I believe that these were both foundations for where I started this semester then where I progressed to be by the end.  I included screen videos of mock performances of the processes of creating the projects we worked on this semester. From adding a blog post to daily headlines each partook in the making of the creative boost that I received from this course. Though the projects were difficult, I enjoyed being able to journal about each project so that I could explain my thought process and reaction. Overall, this course has fueled my creative passion for advertising and allowed me to understand that I can be a creative with enough work and effort.


Thank you for the creative push,