One of the major things that I can pick up on now, after reading all of my blog posts is that everything was very rushed.  I have also realized that I have a very different learning style, so understanding this  type of material that is very foreign to me  was very difficult online.  Though my first posts started off very strong and with a lot of interest, because I have always wanted to have my own blog, and being able to make all of these different creations through the creative cloud. I can tell through my writing that I was very excited for all the projects that were to come, and the final projects that I would create. However, I did seem a little naive to the whole creative cloud concept because I had never truly dove deep into the tools, and how to properly translate my ideas into graphics that I was going to make. I would say that this class has expanded my mind and allowed me to understand further how to delegate the creation of graphics and the time management that is associated with it.

Though the concept of time management is something that I have learned in the reflection of this semester and this class. There were many posts that I analyzed when reviewing my blog that I wish instantly I could’ve edited and expanded my ideas or my made my products better. The one project that I am the most proud of is the commercial that we recently filmed. It showed a lot of progress from some of the my first videos such as the Iron Chef post that was filmed vertically and on an iPhone. Through more time I was able to capture the tone and atmosphere for the commercial that i wanted to, making this project something I showed a lot of people.

Looking back at the beginning days I get a little bit jealous, because I had way more time to focus and put thought out time into a lot of products unlike when the semester picked up. Though I do feel like I turned the corner at the end of this project with my commercial because I was able to create work that  I was proud of. Also I learned a lot about video production, which is skill I can for sure take away from this course and use in all factors of advertising. When looking back if I had to pick a project I would spend more time with it would defiantly be with my Elmers’ Glue print ad. I really enjoyed making that and felt creatively I was really onto something but I didn’t have time to finish.

In conclusion, looking back on this experience I wish that I would have spent more time on all of projects, because the guidance was fun and an intriguing outlet. I value the skills that were taught but I will for sure be using those Lynda videos to continue to learn how to sharpen these skills.