What’s in my my drawer you ask? Well thank goodness that every single day I pull my glasses out of my night stand, and from that moment on.. I CAN SEE CLEARLY!

Anyone that has ever worn prescription glasses understands the struggle of waking up, and the room having this haze type fog smother everything around you. Until you rummage around and find the two circles that allow you to discover the world in front of you.  I just recently went to the eye doctor and got a brand new pair of glasses, and theres honestly no better feeling. The pain of not being able to see is instantly relived and you’re able to live your life with no impairments.

This product isn’t just a pain reliever, but also a fashion statement. Since I received my new pair of glasses I feel like I represent myself with a different style and confidence when I walk into a situation that where I need to prove myself.  My glasses are currently clear and have a very unique style to them. I haven’t seen very many people with the same glasses as me, that’s personally a huge compliment.

It’s plain and simple, glasses help prevent the hardships of not being able to see while creating a unique style.